What We Believe In


We believe in doing what you say, living up to your promises, and we only refer people to services that constantly strive to exceed expectations.

We believe in always responding with honesty. We always strive to keep the client’s best interests at heart. We always keep looking for new clients for whom we can help.

We believe that by maintaining those three values we will have successful, profitable, and rewarding careers.

We believe that by maintaining those three values we will have successful, profitable, and rewarding careers.

We believe that any small business can succeed if given the right tools.

We believe that without our programs, many small businesses would fail, and it is our duty to help them to succeed by spreading the word about these services.




Three fast and easy steps to obtaining the funds you need

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SBA Loans

Looking to buy a business or take your profitable business to the next level? Established businesses with tax returns that show good cash flow can get extensive funding. SBA Loans come with incredibly low interest rates and generous payback terms. Learn more…


Revenue Loans

For Revenue Loans we judge the health of your business based on your cash flow – not just credit scores. Our in depth understanding of small businesses means that we can provide capital to businesses in as fast as 7 business days. Learn more…


Retirement Funding Program

Finance your business through your retirement account with no penalties or taxable distributions. The Retirement Funding Program starts your business debt-free allowing you to reach profitability faster with no loans, no banks and no credit involved. Learn more…


Equipment Leasing

Finance computers, vehicles, signage, and all sorts of other equipment you use in the course of business. Don’t use your credit lines, loans, or free cash.Equipment Leasing is the easiest type of funding to obtain, because lenders consider the equipment to be the collateral. Learn more…


Business Express Loan

We have a large network of banks and we know what requirements they need met in order to approve and issue funds. We will pre-qualify and package your application for a Business Express Loan, then walk you through the entire process to funding. Learn more…






Four reasons to switch your Merchant Processing to us


NO Processing Fee


NO Merchant Account Setup Fees


NO Equipment Purchase Costs


NO Monthly Processing Minimum

Become a Finance Agent

Get paid to help small businesses get the capital they need by becoming a Finance Agent.