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The Chapin alumni list on this page come from a variety of sources. Former First Lady, Editor: As a child, the former First Lady attended Miss Chapin’s School for Girls in Manhattan. What do you find most rewarding about your work? Together we figured out that entire categories of cases had disappeared. How do you unwind? The Funniest Female Comedians of All Time, The Best American Actresses Working Today, The 25 Best 'Armchair Expert' Episodes Yet. She took time out of her demanding schedule to share a little bit about her exciting career and her life after Chapin. The school was founded by Horace Dutton Taft, the brother of President William Howard Taft, in 1890. The names listed below are alumni who have been searched for on this site from Chapin Schoolin New York, New York. Miserable and unable to function, her mother shuffled through a series of mental health facilities, her condition in a downward spiral. Famous Alumni “Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.” – Will Durant “Montessori…. “I had security thanks to Chapin, and I was fortunate to grow up with agency.”, Head of New Products Group, The New York Times. Chapin is an independent day school, grades Kindergarten through Class 12, dedicated to the intellectual and personal growth of young women. With this framework and no shortage of courage and determination, Adrienne set out to build her company, whose mission is to make wellness the standard of care. Click on the names below to read about some extraordinary Chapin women who have become leaders in their fields. What do you find most rewarding about your work as a reporter? Chapin’s current theme is “Our Future, Our Voices.” What does this theme mean to you in your work at The Times? A great leader in pretty much every way. It’s incredibly helpful to have different perspectives in the room as we think through the future of the business – and that means lots of different voices. The school auditorium was home to both the theater and a basketball court. But we can’t do it without the data. While on campus for just six months, she sustained more health problems. “When I got to college, I was surprised at how much I did know.” “I have built up a body of knowledge. Stevie Wonder’s audio required innovative thinking, she shared. Register to let other graduates of Chapin School find and contact you. Previously, she was the New Haven bureau reporter at Fox 61 in Connecticut and has also held a number of positions at ABC News, including digital reporter, field producer, associate producer and desk assistant. My research contributed to the thesis behind my book, Ordinary Injustice: How America Holds Court. But they do it. These days, Ms. Droppa’s life may be calmer but no less fulfilling.She volunteers with several non-profit organizations, visits her three children and two grandchildren as often as she can and spends every summer working on her family’s cattle ranch in Arizona. She wrote and directed the short film Worst Enemy, which debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in 2012, followed by her 2013 feature film directing debut In a World..., in which she also starred. I spent nearly a decade researching and assessing problems plaguing criminal courts and the citizens they serve. Chapin was also a very kind place. What stands out about your Chapin years? But you just keep going. I would actually like that back. Adrienne Nolan-Smith ’03 knows a thing or two about resilience. In 1996, degree in hand, Ms. Remmel started interning in the Health Care Advocacy unit of GMHC. Most importantly, Chapin made me think I could do anything – literally anything – that I put my mind to. You connect with people who are invested in your progress. At Chapin you learn to be your own advocate. I care that there is a path for the Times in the future, and feel lucky to be part of it. “And I love to needlepoint,” she added with a chuckle. Reunite with old classmates, learn about class reunions and take a look back at your yearbook photos! She attended from third grade through graduation and remains close with “quite a few”of her former classmates. “It’s pretty amazing all the stuff I got to do,” she said, referring to packed concerts featuring musical giants like Joan Baez, Arlo Guthrie, Heart, Huey Lewis and the News, Roger McGuinn and Stevie Wonder. Chapin also gave me the freedom to find out what I liked to do. She was amazing. I think high-quality journalism is the foundation of our democracy. With no medical training to speak of, she nonetheless won the trust of patients and hospital staff alike with her proactive, positive presence. But all of that was OK. “My clients keep me going on a daily basis. I was the only journalist to interview Ron Taylor, a man once exonerated for murder then ordered back to prison in Connecticut. Jill Remmel ’67 has devoted her life to helping and giving a voice to others. Can you share a bit about your educational and career trajectory? Desperate, Adrienne’s mother, “a ferocious researcher,” turned to holistic options. Alumni range from Lake Bell to Ivanka Trump. “I had friends, access to books and great teachers like Miss Stringfellow, Miss Proffitt and Mrs. Berendsen,” she commented. I used the lists as a roadmap to see what was going on. The elite New England prep school has a long list of famous alumni including former President George H.W. After Chapin I went to Princeton, where I was a politics major and an African-American studies minor.I also took economics classes. After Chapin, she attended high school at Garrison Forest, a boarding school for girls in Baltimore, before enrolling at Hollins College, followed by Columbia University for a Master’s in Library Science, although she never worked as a librarian. Energized with new purpose, Ms. Droppa enrolled in electronics classes at the local community college, determined to learn as much as she could about the intricacies of sound. On my first day, I walked into a loud, chaotic scene in the newsroom with phones ringing off the hook. I don’t do a lot of that right now – I have a 14-month-old and a 2.5-year-old. Best Private High Schools in America . Since its founding in 1982, at the beginning of the AIDS epidemic, GMHC has shifted its focus from desperately trying to keep clients from dying to supporting them throughout their longer lives. “It was the scariest thing I’ve ever done,” Adrienne said of her decision to quit her job to create WellBe, the media enterprise and lifestyle brand that launched in July 2017. Find 325 alumni members from Chapin High School in New York, NY. The listing of alumni from Chapin, SC includes graduates from 2 schools. Chapin was life changing! A graduate of Brown University and UC Berkeley Law School, Ms. MacCallum previously worked for The Washington Post and The Huffington Post. Alex MacCallum ’99 is Head of New Products and Ventures for The New York Times, where she has worked in several different capacities for the past five years, including in the video and audience development areas. I love to drive around the Finger Lakes region. Growing steadily for the past two years, WellBe promotes healthy living through informational articles, expert interviews, health news and research, panel events and a podcast featuring individuals who have used holistic therapies to significantly improve and even overcome –various ailments from fibromyalgiato multiple sclerosis. Meanwhile, toward the end of college, Adrienne’s mother experienced her own set of frightening health problems, which manifested in manic episodes, paranoia and delusions. What advice would you give to current Chapin students or young alumnae who may be interested in careers in public service? Can you give me an overview of your current position at The New York Times? Don’t care so much what people think. The schools have responded with a list of commitments: Both Brearley and Chapin have recently said they would hire more teachers and staff of color, rework parts of the curriculum to … It is increasingly under siege by business model changes and partisan rhetoric. After an uninspiring stint at a bank, Ms. Remmel took a job in the development office at New York-Presbyterian Hospital. Specifically, how does your organization work, and what have you accomplished so far? It takes compassion for people to feel that you really care and that you put in the effort to get the story right.Courage is about recognizing moments in your life when you may feel fear and still find a way to move forward. I worked at The Washington Post as a columnist out of college then was the first news editor of The Huffington Post. Ivana Marie "Ivanka" Trump (), also known as Yael Kushner (Hebrew: יָעֵל, lit. Mrs. Chapin believed that self-esteem is essential to a student's learning, and she created an environment to foster each child's sense of self-worth. I’ll get back to you on recharging in 18 years when they are out of the house. Later, seeking a way to make a difference, she applied to volunteer in that hospital’s emergency room, a decision that would change the course of her life. People on this list must have gone to The Chapin School and be of some renown. Share on facebook; Tweet on twitter; National. ALUMNI Registration. For 10 years, Ms. Remmel diligently advocated for E.R. Famous Montessori Alumni “[Montessori…]: the surest route to joining the creative elite, which are so overrepresented by the schools’ alumni that one might begin to suspect a Montessori mafia” Read the 2011 Wall St Journal article. “It was awesome!” she exclaimed about working with Mr. Wonder during this 64-city U.S. tour. James Franciscus. Anything different or new takes courage. They were incredibly interesting and committed. Despite being a small school, it felt like there were endless possibilities. I’ve leaned on them through life. I interviewed with a producer who must have recognized my interest and my hunger. In what ways do you feel Chapin prepared you for college and the working world? With the encouragement of her “Chapin family,” Adrienne pushed through her sadness and continued with plans to attend graduate school. Noteworthy: “The Browning School is a member of Interschool, a consortium of eight private NYC schools: Brearley, Browning, Chapin, Collegiate, Dalton, Nightingale-Bamford, Spence, and Trinity. It allowed me to pursue what I enjoyed, with little judgment, in a way that has set me up to pursue what I love later on. Walking by that mural every day made me think that being a pioneer was cool, even expected. “I love my job,” she exclaimed. MFJ developed a set of data-driven performance measures to compare the criminal justice system, county by county, across all 3,000 in the United States. In 2010, shortly before Christmas, Adrienne's mother died by suicide. In 1986, as part of MSI, she spent an unforgettable four-and-a-half months with Stevie Wonder’s “In Square Circle” tour.She drove a 20-foot truck full of speakers and amplifiers from Maryland out to St. Louis to join to tour. You have to have resilience. I am still blown away by the quality of the teaching. We now have 33 staff members. Best Private K-12 Schools in America. If you see your name among the Chapin School graduates, someone is looking for you! College taught me how to structure time when it wasn’t structured for me. 47 of 4,260. I founded Measures for Justice (MFJ) in April 2011 so we could see problems like this before they become chronic. As for being a trailblazer, “I didn’t set out to be courageous, I just really enjoyed the work,” she said. The Waldorf Difference Parent & Child … They were all perfectly polished –but not me! In Quitman County, Mississippi, I met a court clerk named Miss Wiggs who kept lists of cases that were never prosecuted. Together, they force people to listen with compassion, which is what has to happen for the system to change. Then all 50. A free inside look at The Chapin School salary trends based on 21 salaries wages for 12 jobs at The Chapin School. At first, people said it was impossible. Most people don’t fall into jobs that suit them to a T.”, Describing her education as “a lovely progression of learning,” Ms. Remmel credits Chapin, which she attended from first through ninth grade, for nurturing her and providing the encouragement she needed to discover her authentic self. Reconnect with friends from Chapin School, find reunions, view yearbook photos and more. The Chapin School About Established in 1901, The Chapin School is a K-12 independent day school for girls that is dedicated to the intellectual and personal growth of its students as it prepares them to thrive and lead in a global society. Journalism is changing and becoming more aligned with technology, so don’t look to the past. We’re in a moment for criminal justice. She decided to change course. Chapin School Alumni Class List . Both advertisers and users are far less interested in print given new technology that makes reading news faster and more convenient. By the time Adrienne was 14 and in Class 9, the Lyme disease was gone, but her journey into the realm of integrative medicine, which combines alternative and conventional therapies, was far from over. I was obsessed with Broadway musicals. Heads of state and heads of government Former British Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown is an alumnus and former rector of the University of Edinburgh. When I asked the prosecutor about it he said: “Has it been that long?” He had no idea. “It never dawned on me that sound was a guy’s world,” she remarked. What specific skills and strengths did Chapin help you develop? That seemingly casual decision would change the course of her life. “She taught me everything I knew about healing the body, but we couldn’t help her.” I love to tell compelling stories about issues that impact people’s lives. Over the next twenty years, the school grew to encompass a faculty of six and a student body of forty, all housed in Mrs. Chapin's cramped apartment in "downtown" Princeton. She is also in the process of developing some e-learning and navigation offerings for her community. List of famous alumni from The Chapin School, with photos when available. For instance, Florida recently passed a historic data-collection bill inspired by our work. She met her husband, Larry, also a sound engineer, on the road. What advice would you give to current Chapin students or young alumnae, related to your career or otherwise? Feeling confident on-camera was a challenge early on, but that came with time and experience. We’re making great progress. Adrienne, who is also a certified patient advocate, is certainly making a name for herself. Speak up, politely but always. That transition is because technology has changed user behaviors as well as advertiser behaviors. Best College Prep Private High Schools in America. I carved sculptures out of soap with my other nerdy Chapin friends. Brearley School alumni. Can I get that back? I ran our audience development team, a new group in the newsroom responsible for bringing audience thinking into the report as well as distribution of Times journalism. The following year, 1890, the railroad was built to connect Chapin to Columbia, South Carolina and other major regions. I was a shy, nerdy kid. In 2011, Amy Bach ’86 founded Measures for Justice ( to transform how we measure and understand local criminal justice systems in the United States. Despite her best efforts, Adrienne felt powerless. This list of distinguished The Chapin School alumni is loosely ordered by relevance, so the most recognizable celebrities who attended The Chapin School are at the top of the list. In her transformative work as Director of Client Advocacy for the Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC), the trailblazing non-profit that provides HIV/AIDS prevention and services, Ms. Remmel expertly guides her clients through the labyrinthine process of obtaining benefits through private health-insurance carriers and public programs like Social Security and Medicare. Clicking one of your friends will give you locations that you can get back in touch with the fellow graduate. I thought maybe I’d go into investment banking or law, but something was missing for me.Then I took an introduction to journalism class in my sophomore year and really liked it.I wanted to find an internship opportunity, so I Googled all my interests –TV, politics, writing, current events and NYC –and hit “go.”An internship program at WABC Channel 7 came up. What specific skills did Chapin help you develop? There was never any reason to take a back seat.” Taylor Swift And Ivanka Trump Share A Lot More In Common Than You Think#7 of 30 The Most Stunning Celebrity Wedding Dresses#52 of 53 The Most Influential Women Of 2020, #22 of 69 The Most Influential Fashion Designers Of All Time#137 of 154 The Most Influential People in Fashion#9 of 54 Famous People of Chinese Descent, #217 of 278 The Funniest Female Comedians of All Time#228 of 348 The Best American Actresses Working Today#16 of 25 The 25 Best 'Armchair Expert' Episodes Yet. What advice would you give to current Chapin students or young alumnae, related to journalism or otherwise? I learned how to write and think and how to love reading and literature there. I decided not to become a lawyer and don’t recommend getting a law degree if you don’t want to be a lawyer, but I loved my experience in California. Eventually, doctors diagnosed her with chronic Lyme disease, but several rounds of antibiotics did nothing to alleviate her symptoms. I can just picture her sitting in a chair at Initiation Night laughing her head off. Almost immediately, she knew it was where she belonged, even though, at times, she felt overwhelmed by the tremendous responsibility. It exposed me to so much academically and personally and intensified the passion for learning and curiosity that I naturally have.I learned how to think critically and how to process a lot of information and come up with my own ideas and opinions. How many people are pleading without a lawyer. The second is to act on what you’ve heard, which always takes courage. With an M.B.A. from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School and determined to make a difference, she advised hospitals for a healthcare technology company, but fulfillment eluded her. Home About Us. We collect data from state courts and local agencies like prosecutors’ offices, sheriffs’ offices, and public defenders. I was also one of the first reporters on the scene of the Sandy Hook school shooting. Basically, we created a mini radio station that transmitted a signal to a Walkman that he wore under his clothes,” she said. And I truly believe there is for Chapin students! The book shows how groups of well-intentioned prosecutors, judges, and defense attorneys can become so inured to patterns of problems, they no longer see them. This devastating loss was a major turning point in her life. That’s why our motto is “No data, no change.” And I love visiting new places and organizing fun outings around the city with my tight-knit group of friends. Chapin High School Alumni in Chapin, South Carolina. We began with six states and are headed to 20 states by 2020. Recent Members. The Times is in the midst of a huge shift in its business model – from a print newspaper that made money from advertisers to a digital product that makes money from subscriptions. I got the internship. For those contemplating a less-traveled path, she offered this advice: “It may be intimidating at first, but if it’s what you want, just do it.” to have fun. The Chapin alumni list on this page come from a variety of sources. Maria Bowen Chapin opened "Miss Chapin's School for Girls and Kindergarten for Boys and Girls" in 1901. Miss Chapin was a pioneer in education for girls; she attended Dr Montessori’s New York lectures in the 1930s and enthusiastically included Montessori methods in … Diversity and inclusion help us create a more robust report. Michael P. W. Stone. She turned out to be a quick study. To filter results, select a Chapin, SC high school using the links to the right. I would say, think about what the right solution is and take the road less traveled if you need to. The following is a list of notable alumni of Taft School. To filter results, select a Chapin, SC high school using the links to the right. patients and their families. I remember a mural on the second floor that featured women in various professions heading into the future. I completed my J.D. Chapin’s current theme is “Listen with Compassion, Act with Courage.” What does this theme mean to you in your career? In what ways do you feel Chapin prepared you for college and the working world? Salaries posted anonymously by The Chapin School employees. I love my job! I would say each experience had a different impact on me. Can you share a bit about your educational and career path? And, as we tackle big business questions (a process I’m also involved in), I also try to make sure that we always include a diverse group. In addition to helping oversee Stevie’s monitors during his shows, she wired amplifiers, helped hang the 72 speakers and became an invaluable member of the close-knit production crew. Does it resonate for you personally? Why should he? Now, people are coming to us for help because they want to do it. Courage is a muscle. Doing the hard work will pay off, even if the dividend isn’t so clear in the beginning. Niche rankings are based on rigorous analysis of data and reviews. “But I wanted to be of value to people, to show them different ways they can live.” It was also a personal crusade of sorts. Academics. She has starred in various television series, including Boston Legal (2004–2006), Surface (2005–2006), How to Make It in America (2010–2011) and Childrens Hospital (2008–2016), and in films including Over Her Dead Body (2008), What Happens in Vegas (2008), It's Complicated (2009), No Strings Attached (2011), Million Dollar Arm (2014), No Escape (2015), The Secret Life of Pets (2016), and Home Again (2017). “Being blind, he doesn’t get visual cues. What led you to pursue this opportunity? The treatments did the trick. Me, my husband, John Markman, and son Leo, 11, all together in the car. I wanted to be a journalist. At least that’s the first step. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. It was a difficult time, for sure, but “Chapin was absolutely amazing,” she recalled. So do her years at 100 East End Avenue. The Most Influential Fashion Designers Of All Time. A shy student, Ms. Droppa shunned college parties in favor of quieter activities. You are clearly very busy and accomplished. Instead, consider new, innovative ways of doing things. I began to move up from there and worked at ABC for four years, then in Hartford, Connecticut for Fox 61 for three years. History. “If you don’t listen with compassion, you are going to miss opportunities to help people. When they married in January 1985, she moved down to Maryland, where her freelance jobs led to a full-time position at Maryland Sound Industries(MSI), a prominent audio company at the time.Larry was also an MSI engineer, but they rarely worked the same shows. Even though Ms. Droppa retired a number of years ago, when she and her husband had children, she continues to participate in API, their company that manufactures equipment for recording studios. Be willing to make uncomfortable decisions and take unpopular jobs to ultimately achieve your goals. She starred in a number of Hollywood films like Frank Capra's Lost Horizon, but is likely best known for her role as the housewife and mother Margaret Anderson on the CBS and NBC television comedy series, Father Knows Best, and as Amanda Grayson, the human mother of Spock on the science-fiction television series Star Trek. I care deeply about the mission of the organization. I remember Mrs. Berendsen being extremely compassionate; she made it clear that it was O.K. “Folk City was where all the early folkies got their start,” commented Ms. Droppa, who lives in Maryland. Chapin alumnae excel in a variety of ways. Pages in category "Chapin School (Manhattan) alumni" The following 66 pages are in this category, out of 66 total. That means I oversee product and marketing for our Crosswords and Cooking applications and business units as well as all of the new bets we’re making in digital products. Perhaps it s just a coincidence that Montessori alumni lead two of the world s most innovative companies. My mom was an incredibly giving person. Boarding school was amazing for me – I learned how to be adaptable, how to be a very tiny fish in a huge pond, how to dig deep in passions, how to challenge myself in new ways that would be hard to do at a smaller place.

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