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Quote. 0 0. Margarita graduated from the University of Liverpool in 2011, earning a Bachelor of Veterinary Science with distinction. With all of the benefits that come with apples, you may be wondering: Can hamsters eat apples? MyPerkyPet.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising feed by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Fruit hamsters can eat include apples, blueberries, plums, figs, strawberries, bananas, cut grapes and pears. Yeah apple are their favorite food Thank Writer; Comment; Blurt; thanked the writer. It's okay if you feed them fruits and veggies a few nights, but not for longer than that. Even though the hamsters are open to eating fruits, but you can’t give them a significant amount. The limitation is also there. Don’t feed a hamster only with apples. The advice is to give it to them in the form of chunks not too thick to chew and so they can … The answer is YES. How Much They Can Eat? Yes, hamsters can eat apples. As treats go, apples and other fresh fruits are some of the best options available. #hamsterdiet #hamster #pets Can Hamsters Eat Apples? Similar to humans and dogs, hamsters are omnivores who do well on diets that consist of both animal and plant foods. Can hamsters eat apples ? Can Hamsters Eat Grapes? my hamsters prefer the dehydrated apples but they like non-dehydrated apples to. Apples are a popular and healthy fruit, often used in cooking or eaten as a snack. Ans: Yes, hamsters love to eat apples. Apples provide many of the necessary nutrients for your pet while being low in calories and while containing zero cholesterol. The answer is YES, hamsters can eat apples. A common question we get is if hamsters can eat apples. However, there are some basic rules to follow when feeding this fruit to your hamster, to reduce any possible side effects. Boyer, J., & Liu, R. H. (2004). Yes, hamsters can eat some types of fruits. November 2, 2017. All seeds including that of … Keep in mind that your hamster can eat apples and there won’t be any issues. On the other side, most owners believe that these animals can eat everything, so they feed them with different types of foods. If your hamster eats too many sugary foods, there’s a risk of diarrhea and an upset tummy. dehydrated apples are sold in some pet stores which is made by a pet store company . They’re too acidic for the hamster’s gut. Like This; Unlike; Happylilanimals 29 Jun 2016. In this article we will uncover all the benefits and the possible risks associated with feeding apples to your pet hamster, so that you can make the best possible choices for your beloved pet. However, you must feed him with apples without skin or seeds, simply because they are something a hamster doesn’t like and should avoid. However, apple should be given in moderation, as too much could cause an upset digestive system and diarrhea. Dried fruit for humans have preservatives and other unhealthy things that hamster can't eat. If there is no negative reaction, then the feed is safe for consumption for your hamster. Bear in mind that the hamster can eat apples there will not be any issues. The hamster should only be fed an amount of fruit or vegetables that it will eat in a day as if the hamster is fed too much and stores any vegetables and fruit they can become mouldy. Dwarf hamsters prone to diabetes mellitus should be fed with apples rather sparingly and only as a rare delicacy. This is done by giving a little, Introduce the treat into your hamster’s diet at more regular intervals over the coming weeks, Your hamster simply don’t like it and leave a lot of food. Can Hamsters Eat Apples? Apples make for a nutritious and delicious snack for hamsters that they go … Yes, hamsters can eat carrots and apples. You are now well equipped to start feeding all kinds of treats to your hamster. They are safe and healthy for them to enjoy too. If you cannot spend adequate time with them, it is best to get them a companion or they will be lonely. Subin K answered . They are tasty, and they contain vitamins, sugar, water, and fibre. Hamsters are interesting animals and great pets, simply because they are amazing and they look adorable. However make sure your lil guy doesn't get any apple seeds. Therefore, it isn’t unusual to wonder if you can share a little with your hamster. Also, it will help to strengthen their teeth to gnaw. Apples can certainly be considered as a part of a well-balanced diet. can hamsters eat apples User Contributed Comments (Pet Parade is not responsible for the accuracy of the below information) Guinea pigs can be potty trained so they will go in the same spot in their cage. This can be reduced by introducing new foods very slowly and in tiny amounts. Apples: Never hesitate to offer apples to hamsters. Vee. Syrian’s and Roborovski hamsters can eat apple in small amounts, cut up so that they can hold the pieces in their paws. 0 0. Even in a bowl as long as there is bedding in it. apples (no skin) grapes. Yes, hamsters can eat apples, however too much can cause stomach upset and diarrhea. Hamsters are interesting animals and great pets, simply because they are amazing and they look adorable. And an excess of sugar can upset their digestive tract and lead to diarrhea or other digestive issues. Sadly, hamsters cannot eat pickles. 22 Foods Hamsters can (& can’t) eat! She has a special interest in small animal internal medicine and ophthalmology. The limitation is also there. A sudden change in the diet of your pet may cause stress. Also, apple seeds should be avoided. Can Hamsters Eat Apples? When introducing any new food into your hamster’s diet there is always a risk of upsetting the digestive system, most commonly causing diarrhea. Can Hamsters Eat Chicken? It is also good to monitor your hamster’s water intake because a reduction of water intake can mean you need to visit the vet. Finally, it is important to remember that apple seeds should always be carefully removed and never offered to your hamster, as they are toxic. It is a hard question what fruits can hamsters eat. They can eat a lot of (but not all) fruits. To answer the most common items given as treats (and some items not to give you hammy) we’ve put together a hamsterific infographic you can get below. Like many other fruits, apples contain a lot of positive vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C, vitamin K and calcium, so they are great for beefing up on vitamins after a turn on the hamster wheel. 22 Foods Hamsters can (& can’t) eat! They can eat lettuce, carrots, celery, broccoli (uncooked), corn, etc. Syrian Hamsters are a larger variant of the hamster family which makes wonderful pets for hamster lovers. The proper diet of your hamster must be versatile, in order to hamster to get all proteins and other nutrients that he usually … The effect of vitamin C on the hamster cheek pouch treated with the water soluble carcinogen 4-nitroquinoline-1-oxide (4NQO). No Comments. Overfeeding on sugary fruits and treats is also discouraged because it tends to cause obesity in your pet. Apples are great treats and a good supplement to hamster food. Yep as long as it's hamster safe and doesn't have added stuff . Quote. In this article we will explain why, and give you some excellent substitute foods for your furry friend! The water bottle should be frequently checked for any dirt or leaks to avoid contamination of the water. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Fruit and vegetables are with some exceptions a good and healthy choice that add antioxidants and healthy fats to a diet. Apples are a well known source of antioxidants. Here is everything you need to know about feeding celery to your hamsters. And Are Apple Seeds Bad For Them? Can Hamsters Eat Fruit? A serving of only a quarter teaspoon is enough for your hamster and feeding your hamster this amount of apple once or twice per week is just perfect. Hopefully we have answered the question “can hamsters have apples?” and you have found this article informative and now you can make an informed decision about feeding apple to your pet hamster. Can Hamsters Eat Peppers? Apples are excellent sources of dietary fiber, antioxidants, flavanoids, and a bunch of other vitamins and minerals that are great for humans. The seeds contain cyanide, which is toxic(4). However, they can't eat citric fruits. This juicy fruit also offers us numerous health benefits. Crunchy pieces good for teeth health, Crunchy pieces that are good for teeth health, Protein content of 13.5% on the lower end. blurted this. They are toxic and could make your hamster very sick. However, there are some basic rules to follow when feeding this fruit … Apple phytochemicals and their health benefits. Never feed a hamster with apple seeds, as they contain poison. Therefore, you don’t need to remove the peel, as hamsters can safely eat it. 22 Foods Hamsters can (& can’t) eat! Keep in mind that hamsters are sensitive animals, so they should eat only the food that is great for them. Having enjoyed working in both small animal and equine practice, she chose to focus solely on companion animals. Thank Writer; Comment; Blurt; thanked the writer. Hamsters can eat celery! Chowder. Though they may be small and furry, hamsters, like any other mammal, require a balanced diet to stay in peak health. Trixie 29 Jun 2016. Dwarf hamsters that are prone to diabetes should be fed apples very sparingly and as a … Can Hamsters Eat Cabbage? In particular, their acidic, water, sugar, fat, salt, calcium and phosphorus content is of most interest as far as hamsters are concerned. Bubbles, there is a 3-step system I use every time to ensure it’s good for his little stomach. Apples are a great and nutritious snack for Humans and hamsters. yes but take the seeds out and make sure you cut the apple into tiny pieces. They cannot however, eat dried fruit you buy for human consumption. Vitamin C is important for the function of the immune system, helping your hamster to fight off disease. The answer is YES, hamsters can eat apples. In any case, you should … Apple is another fruit that your hamster can eat. This amount adds variety and flavor to your hamster’s diet, and offers health benefits too. V. Kandarkar, S.S. Sawant, (1996). In any case, you should … Feel free to share it with another hamster loving friend! 2. 22 Foods Hamsters can (& can’t) eat! However, this is a sugary and acidic fruit that can cause diarrhea if the hamster eats too much , so you should give it in small quantities. Dec 31, 2017 - Find Out From A Vet If Hamsters Can Eat Apples.

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