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The group cautiously walked towards the explosion, although Vanth and Djarin did not think it to be dead. Djarin and Grogu then rode off in their speeder, and were being watched by the original owner of Vanth's armor, Boba Fett. Cobb was a principled man who saw himself as the self-appointed sheriff and mayor of Freetown.He had a hatred for criminal elements like the Red Key syndicate. cobbflying-rifle. Vanth ordered two snorts of spotchka before telling Djarin that he had never met a real Mandalorian. Vanth returned to Mos Pelgo, wearing his newly acquired Mandalorian armor, entering the bar he had last been at. Immediately following the Battle of Endor, Vanth fled into the desert following Mos Pelgo's takeover by the Mining Collective, he encountered some Jawas and traded a camtono of silicax oxalate crystals for a set of Mandalorian armor. Cobb Vanth was first introduced in the Star Wars book Aftermath, which takes place after Return of the Jedi but before The Force Awakens. When it was reported that Deadwood star Timothy Olyphant was cast in an undisclosed role for the upcoming second season of The Mandalorian, many fans wondered what character the actor could be playing. In 5 ABY, he rescued the beastmaster Malakili from a pair of raiders. As a legacy of his enslavement, he had a star-shaped scar on his back with a series of dots and hashes. [2], Upon greeting Adwin Charu, Vanth grinned when guessing that the Red Key employee was not from Tatooine, giving a rheumy laugh when Charu confirmed the sheriff's suspicions. [12][13][14], "Chuck Wendig on the Battle of Jakku, Han and Leia's complex relationship, and more from, "Exclusive: Timothy Olyphant Will Wear Boba Fett's Iconic Armor in, "Timothy Olyphant Joins 'The Mandalorian' (Exclusive)", "Exclusive: Timothy Olyphant Will Wear Boba Fett's Iconic Armor in 'The Mandalorian' Season 2", "The Mysterious Cobb Vanth: Precurser To a Post-, "Is That Boba Fett's Armor Post-Sarlacc in ",, Articles with unsourced statements from November 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 16 January 2021, at 01:12. Vanth and the residents were overpowered by the Red Key criminals, some being killed in the fighting. [5] Understanding the Tusken Raiders' view on slavery, Freetown's location and the town's ownership of a Hutt, Vanth cut a deal with the Tuskens to leave the settlement alone in return for water. He began to yell at the Tusken, who started to yell back at him, until Vanth stepped in and broke up the fight, explaining that it was an accident. cobb-pistol. Vanth insisted that it was not to scale, and that the krayt was too big, but Djarin assured him that it was, and that Vanth was unaware of the sheer size of the dragon. [9][10][11] Olyphant's portrayal of Cobb in The Mandalorian was generally praised, with Rachel Leishman of The Mary Sue describing the character's backstory of acquiring the armour of Fett as "[h]onestly, iconic", and Comic Book Resources drawing comparisons of Olyphant's portrayal to "basically [his Justified character] Raylan Givens... in Space". Cobb Vanth was a human man with angular features, leather skin, and pinched eyes. [1], The villagers and sand people began to fire arrows and blaster fire at the krayt, provoking it to come out further. Im working on Cobb Vanth aka The Marshal from The Mandalorian. Vanth and Djarin took their speeders back to Mos Pelgo. [8], Upon the character's initial appearance in the Aftermath trilogy, speculation was common as to the character's Mandalorian armour belonging to Boba Fett, or the character themselves being a disguised Fett; the former theory was proven true in the second season of The Mandalorian. As sheriff and mayor of Mos Pelgo, which was eventually renamed Freetown, Vanth led the residents in defying the Red Key Raiders. SPECULATION. Life Debt (2016) reveals that Cobb has since become the sheriff of the town Mos Pelgo after liberating it from the Red Key Raiders' mining collective, continuing to wear the Mandalorian armor and take a stand against the Red Key Raiders' forces. Power hates a vacuum and Mos Pelgo became a slave camp overnight. [2] In an interview with, Wendig stated that the interlude chapters in Aftermath: Empire's End, the Aftermath Trilogy's third and final installment released in 2017, like the one including Vanth were written to feed back into the main story. Vanth even made a deal to ally himself with Tusken Raiders for protection in his war with the Red Key crime syndicate. Beginning immediately after the events depicted in Return of the Jedi and concluding one year later with the Battle of Jakku, the Rebel Alliance, now known as the New Republic, fights the remnants of the Galactic Empire, as they consolidate behind Gallius Rax and Rae Sloanein two separate factions; Rax seeking to become the new … But Cobb Vanth has a rapport with the Jawas and agrees to help Adwin purchase some equipment. Wookieepedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. Search Cobb Vanth on Amazon.. Cobb Vanth (title: The Marshal), is a fictional character and a minor protagonist in the Star Wars franchise. “Star Wars: The Mandalorian” had a few “blink and you’ll miss it” scenes in its season 2 premiere, including one centered around newcomer Cobb Vanth’s pod racer. However, in the aftermath, the town is turned against the Tusken Raiders, and Malakili leaves with the Hutt. Learning of Malakili's trade, the sheriff invited the beastmaster to live in Freetown as an animal trainer for the young Hutt and some resident rontos. After Adwin asked how Vanth knew, the sheriff told the Red Key employee that he looked too clean and did not know that the Jawas worked on rapport. Vanth worked with the Tusken Raiders to protect Freetown from the Red Key Raiders. Vanth explained the problem of him having the Mandalorian armor, and that Djarin felt it was his right to take it. [1], Vanth, Djarin, and the sand people then rode by bantha to the abandoned sarlacc pit where the krayt dragon lived. Its time for another Metal Blaster Build. "Chapter 14: The Tragedy" is the sixth episode of the second season of the television series The Mandalorian. Despite knowing that he had incurred the wrath of Red Key, the sheriff stated that he was ready to die in the service of protecting Freetown and keeping criminal elements away from Tatooine. Djarin then activated his flamethrower and told the both of them to settle down and focus on how they would kill the dragon. Djarin apologized for not explaining his plan, but Vanth told him not to worry about it, handing over the Mandalorian armor he had promised. It then disappeared again, and came out of the ground from behind them, chasing after the Tuskens and Mos Pelgo residents. Gender The very night after the Battle of Endor,[1] that same year,[4] the Mining Collective, another mining company, arrived at Mos Pelgo and attacked the patrons of the local bar. [3], Around 9 ABY,[9] the Mandalorian bounty hunter Din Djarin arrived in the town searching for another Mandalorian. This is a 3D printed DIY kit used to build a Cobb Vanth Blaster. Male[2] While held captive, Cobb is revealed to have once been a slave and former operative of Crimson Dawn, having slave markings on his back. Vanth returned to town and single-handedly drove away the Collective, assuming the role of mayor and protector of Mos Pelgo. Vanth watched as the remaining members fled for their lives in a transport, but Vanth fired a missile from his jetpack to blow up the transport. This was begrudgingly accepted. As they rode, they heard a noise of a creature. cobbflying-pistol. Cobb Vanth wore a maroon shirt, brown trousers, a brown belt, a red scarf and brown shoes. The Tuskens fired their arrows, but the dragon started to move back inside the cave. [1], Cobb Vanth was created by Chuck Wendig for Star Wars: The Aftermath Trilogy, appearing in its first installment, Aftermath, in 2015. cobbhelmeted-pistol. The occupation was over. A group of Tusken Raiders came out as well, and Djarin explained that they too were trying to kill the dragon. Cobb Vanth (v/o): The Empire was pullin’ outta Tatooine. The krayt dragon then fired a stream of its spit on its attackers, killing several of them. He offered his armor to Djarin in exchange for help in taking down the beast, saying later he was more fond of the town than his armor. When Charu found the armor and wished to take it for himself, Vanth injured Charu, leaving him alive to send a message to his boss Lorgan Movellan. But as they are examining the wreckage of Jabba’s barge, they come across some Mandalorian armor, which they both want, leading to Cobb pulling a blaster on Adwin. [13] Slashfilm leaked four days later on May 19 that the actor had been filmed wearing the iconic armor of Boba Fett and predicted Vanth's appearance,[14] with other sites agreeing with the speculation. Two Jawas led the pair to a room containing droids, weapons, and the wreckage of a Hutt sail barge. [1], Both parties of the group began to celebrate together, as Vanth watched. As many fans speculated ahead of the season, Cobb Vanth is played by none other than Justified star Timothy Olyphant. The Hutt was then brought out with Malakili, and it gave a shriek, signaling Tusken Raider reinforcements against the Red Key Raiders. Djarin then armed a batch of explosives that were attached to a bantha, and had the dragon swallow the both of then. Skin color The Marshal is the protector of Mos Pelgo, bringing law and order to the small town.This mod brings the Marshal, Cobb Vanth to the game. Im working on Cobb Vanth aka The Marshal from The Mandalorian. Vanth rides with Din Djarin on their speeders. They both want the armour, but Cobb pulls a blaster on Adwin and shoots him in the should before being shot himself. After the sheriff expressed his desire for freedom, Lorgan discovered Vanth's slave mark. And with all the bobas I have, making one wouldn’t be hard. [5], Vanth and Issa-Or allowed Malakili to get up and claimed they were the law, both of them introducing themselves and Freetown to the beastmaster. In May 2020, it was reported that Timothy Olyphant would appear as Cobb Vanth in the second season of The Mandalorian web television series, potentially confirming the character's Mandalorian armour from the Aftermath trilogy to have been that of Boba Fett. Meeting Malakili, the former beastmaster for Jabba, framed for killing a group of Red Key Raiders, Cobb agrees to accompany Malakili – and the infant heir of Jabba he is protecting – back to Mos Pelgo (also known as Freetown) to start a different life. When Djarin demanded Vanth give up his armor, Vanth refused and stood up, preparing for a standoff.[1]. In Empire's End (2017), set about a month before the events of The Mandalorian episode "Chapter 9: The Marshal", Cobb and Malakili, continue to work together to create a deal with the Tusken Raiders to keep the town protected. Vanth had been protecting the town from sand people and bandits, but the dragon was too much for him alone. Upon learning of Malakili's trade, Vanth subsequently offered him an opportunity to use his skills in Freetown. Djarin told Vanth to get its attention, so Vanth bent over and fired a missile from his armor at it. By 9 ABY, the town was once again known as Mos Pelgo, and Vanth still led and defended the town, including battling Tusken Raiders who raided their village multiple times. On Tatooine, various mining syndicates take advantage of the decreased Imperial presence and vacuum left by the death of Jabba the Hutt to take control over several settlements from which they demand tribute; Cobb Vanth, a former slave-turned-lawman, decides to take a stand against them. Djarin then gave the case for the Tuskens, saying that although they were indeed raiders, they knew more about the krayt than anyone there, and would keep their word. Vintage style Cobb Vanth for sale. After learning of the man known as "The Marshal," Djarin met Vanth in the local cantina. [2] Wearing the Mandalorian armor thereafter, Vanth appreciated hardships he went through before he wore it, saying it was well earned.[3]. After Malakili cut a further deal for the Tusken's protection, Cobb used this after the Red Key Raiders occupied Freetown. When Vanth asked what Movellan wanted on Tatooine, the Weequay revealed that he wished to enslave the town's population, exploit Tatooine for its dilarium oil and silicax oxalate, and sell Borgo to the Hutts. As a parting insult to the defeated crime boss, Vanth proceeded to carve a message onto Movellan's face. Remixes Add your Remix. When Charu asked what price the he wanted, Vanth turned down the prospect of being paid. As Adwin then threatened to draw his blaster, Vanth drew his own and shot the representative in the shoulder. His hand goes limp, lifeless. Soon enough, Tusken Raiders come and free Cobb from the Red Key members. Movellan, however, led an attack on Freetown. [2] The armor had a largely green color scheme, and it had a jetpack armed with a missile as well as red Mandalorian vambraces. Vanth said that he figured only one of them was walking out of the bar, but when he saw Grogu, he said that maybe he had misjudged the Mandalorian. In addition to Cobb, the trilogy introduced several notable characters, including Norra and Snap Wexley. Driven into the desert as a result of Mos Pelgo's enslavement, Vanth was saved by Jawa scavengers. Vanth believed that everyone was someone, promoting this idea to Malakili when the beastmaster called himself a nobody. Vanth agreed that the town or the[2] spaceport city[7] Mos Espa could help, and Charu attempted to leave. Malakili took the offer, and Vanth and Issa-Or left for Freetown with the beastmaster.[5]. The people of Mos Pelgo gathered in the cantina. Cobb Vanth was in Mos Pelgo when the second Death Star was destroyed in the Battle of Endor. However, he was formerly a slave apparently and has a star shaped slave mark on his back to prove this. I just acquired a vintage Hebel Model 1895 Flare Gun which is used as the base for Cobb's Blaster. [1] Olyphant's appearance in the series was rumored on May 15 that year by The Hollywood Reporter. Introduced in the 2015–2017 Chuck Wendig novel trilogy Aftermath, he is a former slave who has used the armor of Boba Fett to bring order to Tatooine from immediately following to five years after the events of the 1983 film Return of the Jedi. While Vanth was a skilled combatant, he was also merciful and allowed the criminal Adwin C… The inclusion of a weapon that can fend off … Since this is a kit it will require cleanup, assembly, resin coating, a little sanding, and paint. He also laid that Djarin was willing to help slay the krayt dragon, which had been terrorizing the town, in exchange for the armor. Djarin translated for the Tuskens, explaining that they had studied its digestive cycle for generations, and knew how to feed it in order to make it sleep. There was blaster fire over Mos Eisley. Djarin and Vanth firing at the krayt dragon. Cobb Vanth’s hand is up in a flash-there’s the shriek from his own blaster, and it punches a cauterized hole clean through Adwin’s shoulder on his right side. Although Freetown came to conflict with Tusken Raiders,[1] Vanth, with the assistance of Malakili, struck a deal with the raiders to help protect Freetown by giving them water and a pearl from a krayt dragon's belly. I just acquired a vintage Hebel Model 1895 Flare Gun which is used as the base for Cobb's Blaster. They ran away as soon as they heard it arise. The group, including Vanth and Grogu, looked around for the krayt, wondering if Djarin would be alright. Appearance Edit Season 2 Edit "Chapter 9: The Marshal" "Chapter 10: The Passenger" (Indirect mention … Hi everyone. So, we know that Cobb Vanth has Boba's armour, but the guy also has a few similarities to him (good with a blaster, looks like how an old Boba would look). He reappears in the Disney+ television series The Mandalorian, portrayed by Timothy Olyphant, set years after the events of the trilogy and depicting the character joining forces with the Tusken Raiders and "The Mandalorian" to finally defeat the krayt dragon. The speeder is actually the second most important piece of iconography that Vanth had appropriated for his own use – he had also bought Boba Fett's Mandalorian armor from the Jawas and had used it to liberate Mos Pelgo from the Mining Collective and restore peace to the ragtag settlement. Vanth was about to detonate the explosives, but Djarin cautioned that they would only have one shot, and that they would have to get it out. How Wookieepedia treats Canon and Legends, Season 2 Recap Sizzle | The Mandalorian | Disney+, Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian: Making of Season Two, Chuck Wendig on the Battle of Jakku, Han and Leia's complex relationship, and more from Aftermath: Empire's End, Everything New You Can Stream on Disney+ in October 2020, Timothy Olyphant Joins 'The Mandalorian' (Exclusive), Exclusive: Timothy Olyphant Will Wear Boba Fett's Iconic Armor in 'The Mandalorian' Season 2, Mandalorian Season 2: Multiple Characters Wear Boba Fett's Armor, REPORT: The Mandalorian Puts Timothy Olyphant in Boba Fett's Armor,, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function. Grogu hid in his bag. You will need modeling glue, resin, a little patience, and painting skill [12] He was portrayed by Timothy Olyphant, with Paul Darnell serving as stunt double. The group walked to the krayt dragon’s cave. Boba won’t want it back and is on some kind of different path now. [1] He later acquired a full set of Mandalorian battle armor,[2] formerly owned by Boba Fett,[6] during his visit to a sandcrawler with Charu. These figures are set to Star Wars legion scale and should fit on the 27mm bases that come with the game. [3] Like with Charu,[2] Vanth kept Movellan alive to send a message to his superiors.[3]. One Tusken walked up to its entrance and felt the ground near it. The sheriff kept Charu alive simply to send a message to his boss, Lorgan Movellan. Vanth landed awkwardly nearby. Biographical information Cobb Vanth, also known as "the Marshal," was a human male who lived during the Galactic Civil War and subsequent New Republic Era. After examining the wreckage of Jabba's barge, recovered from a Sarlacc recently eaten by a krayt dragon, the pair come across some Mandalorian armor, both pulling blasters upon the other in seeking to acquire it, with Cobb shooting Adwin. Grogu looked away, frightened, and Djarin suggested that they might be open to new ideas. However, a nearby krayt dragon caused an earthquake that shook the entire town and ate another one of their banthas. Charu insisted that he did not have time to build rapport with Jawas and expressed the thought of visiting Mos Pelgo instead. Following the occupation of Mos Pelgo by the Mining Collective, he carried a cantomo carrying silicax oxalate. After Charu discovered a set of Mandalorian battle armor, Vanth took interest in obtaining it to wear as a lawman and remained persistent when Adwin defiantly claimed the armor, shooting a glancing shot at the representative when he threatened to draw his own blaster. [2], Charu then eyed the Mandalorian armor, which he wished to bring to Movellan. The Aftermath trilogy was written by Chuck Wendig between 2015 and 2017. Following this, Cobb honors their agreement by giving up the armor to the Mandalorian, and the two part on good terms. Djarin and Vanth watch as the krayt dragon emerges from the cave. [3], Movellan mocked Vanth's Mandalorian armor and ordered Yimug and Gweeska to remove the sheriff's helmet. Painted are sold out, I only have 4 unpainted left. [3], After Vanth told Movellan of his deal with the Tuskens, the Weequay tried to intimidate Vanth by threatening to bring his masters to wipe out the town. Warning: Spoilers for “The Mandalorian” season 2’s premiere episode. There are variants with his rifle and pistil, as well as helmeted and helmetless versions. ... blaster scifi Mandalorian star_wars jetpack gunslinger cobb_vanth timothy_olyphant. [Source]. If … Armed with Mandalorian weapons and armor, Vanth confronted the Mining Collective in Mos Pelgo. Presenting the Cobb Vanth Blaster Kit! Vanth made note of his desire to take the armor with him instead. [2] As a legacy of his enslavement, he had a star-shaped scar on his back with a series of dots and hashes. For those keeping up with all the turbulent […] Total Length 370.24 mm (14.57 inches), 21 files compressed in a 7zip file Hello, this is The Marshal Cobb Vanth's Blaster, as seen in Ep II of The Mandalorian season 2 Show, it is based on a Hebel 1894 flare Gun Modeled by me using photos as a reference, it's an almost exact replica of the Blaster. On the way there, Vanth told Djarin the story of how his city had been turned into a slavery camp the very same night they heard news of the destruction of the second Death Star, how he acquired his Mandalorian armor from Jawas, and how he took back the town with his newfound weapons. The helmet clatters oat of his other hand. [11], Concept art for Cobb Vanth by Christian Alzmann, Vanth made his live-action debut in "Chapter 9: The Marshal," the season two premiere the television series The Mandalorian, directed by Jon Favreau and released on Disney+[1] on October 30, 2020. [2] As a legacy of his enslavement, he had a star-shaped scar on his back with a series of dots and hashes. Cobb Vanth lived on the desert planet of Tatooine his whole life[1] and was once a slave, having a star-shaped mark carved onto his back as a sign of ownership, but eventually became free[3] and came to be the sheriff of the town Mos Pelgo.

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